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Conscious Consumption

We are like sponges, constantly sopping up what is around us - whether we intend to or not. Just like our consumption of food - "we are what we eat", a phrase popularized by American nutritionist Victor Lindlahr. We are also a product of what we choose to surround ourselves with. There is always a reciprocal give and take. We soak up everything from the environment around us and squeeze or give back a similar kind of energy.

We can find this reciprocal exchange demonstrated in nature all the time.  The best example of this is, respiration, how we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while plants breathe in the CO2 and give back O2 for us to breathe in.  This dynamic is symbiotic, meaning its beneficial for us and the plants.

So, all this invites the questions...

What are you absorbing?

What are you giving out?


Have you ever heard the phrase, "Garbage in, garbage out"?  Does this feel applicable to you?  

All of this relates to our thoughts, words, actions, energy and more.  

In physics we know and have heard, there is always an equal and opposite reaction to any stimulus that occurs.  So, how can we be more mindful of what we’re receiving and giving?

Maybe now is a good opportunity to check in with yourself and ask...

  • Are you aware and mindful of how you're moving through the world?

  • Are you awake to what you’re participating in?

  • How are you a greater part of the whole? What’s your part?

  • What, and how are you contributing?

We each have the power of discernment, deciding what is best for us and what is not. This also relates to our intentions and impact on the world around us.  Would you like to be part of a more beneficial, loving, compassionate world?  If so, how will you make changes in your consumption to inspire this?

I invite you to ask yourself and really notice/pay attention to...

  • What are you eating, reading, watching and listening to?

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with and what are they saying and doing?

  • How does all of what you’re consuming make you feel?  Does it feel good, bad, indifferent, other?

Can you notice and witness how this all resonates in your body (this is mindful awareness) and then make conscious aware choices based on this information?

Or not...  It’s entirely up to you.  That's the beauty about being human.  We all get to choose.

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