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We're often so busy running around "doing things" that we rarely take a moment to treat ourselves to a moment of mindfulness. Here you are encouraged to pause, take a breath, reconnect... and "just be" without having to "do anything". Enjoy!

Click here to enjoy guided mindfulness practices via Insight Timer and led by the creator of Each mindful meditation practice focuses on uniting and connecting the mind, body, breath and inner consciousness, ultimately allowing and encouraging relaxation, present-moment awareness and a gentle quieting of the mind.

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About Me

I wanted to create a space where I could share ideas with the world that would help to make a difference.

In many ways this site really isn't about me at all, it's more about what inspires me and what I find inspirational in the world around me. It's about all of us, and how making one seemingly small change, or difference, can have dramatic positive effects on those around us.

We're all connected. I pray that this site is the small drop that will hopefully create big ripples of positive energy in the world.


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