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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a loving awareness. A simple bringing attention to what you’re witnessing in the present moment, without judgement or criticism. It’s simply noticing what you notice, and then bringing loving kindness and self-compassion to the witnessing of that experience.

Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of what we’re experiencing, when we’re experiencing it, so that we can begin to train our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits, to make a more conscious choice on how to move forward, instead of simply reacting to an external or internal stimulus.



So many of us feel trapped by our external worlds, whether it be from workload stresses, the roles we accept and perform as parents, teachers, partners, students, etc. and we’ve begun to feel overwhelmed by the external pressures that we’re facing. Often, we feel so lost in the whirlwind of activity surrounding us that we internalize that frenetic energy and become incapable and unaware that we’re trapped in the repetitive cycle of “doing”. 

Mindfulness allows us to take a step back, to pause and to recognize that we’re caught in that tornado of activity, and to simply step out of that turbulence. Once we bring mindful awareness to our experience, we become more embodied and connected with who we actually are.  We can begin to see things more clearly, to bring loving self-compassionate healing to ourselves, so that we can then be more productive, caring, compassionate humans for ourselves, and for others around us; with our families, circle of friends, with co-workers, as well as communities, and the world.

This conscious shift is a transformation that leads to universal healing for ourselves and for the entire world.  There is tremendous power and freedom in unlocking this awakening for yourself. It all starts with making a choice to try something new. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

To book your free one-hour introductory mindfulness session with the creator of, please contact:

Sitting on a Bench

Each mindful meditation practice focuses on uniting and connecting the mind, body, breath and inner consciousness, ultimately allowing and encouraging relaxation, present-moment awareness and a gentle quieting of the mind.

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