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Giving Back

Every day we have the power to give back.  Whether in small little ways, like a smile at a stranger, or holding open the door for someone.  All the way to big things, like donating to a charitable organization you believe in or volunteering your time.  Or if you want to go even bigger, you could donate a kidney or foster parent an orphaned child.


Whatever you choose and whatever you do, it all matters and it all makes an impact.  And the best part is, you usually end up feeling pretty good about yourself too.  Because the secret is, we’re all connected.  So helping someone else is actually a lot like helping yourself, or at the very least, like helping a family member.


Here are a few examples and ideas about how you may be able to give back in your own communities.  But feel free to be as unique and creative as you'd like, so that you can discover your own individual way to give back wherever you are.

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