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My Mission

I am choosing to create a new world. 


For so long we’ve been taught to believe that we don’t have any power over what happens to us.  Or that we don’t have any way to fix the things we see wrong in the world. 

But right now, here, today, I’m choosing to make a difference – in a big way.  I’m going to step out, here, on this platform, to allow myself to be a leader in a new movement, challenging those around me, and those living on this planet, to live to a higher ideal. 

No longer am I going to allow things to remain the same as ‘status quo’.  I’m going to shake things up and create a revolution - based on kindness, love, empathy and compassion for all – including myself and all others. 

It is said, that “you have to be the change you want to see in the world”.  Well, I’m ready to be that change, to embrace my role in this evolution, to take charge, and to forge a new road ahead creating a shift in our reality. 


No longer will hate, cruelty, brutality, dishonesty, carelessness, spite, anger, jealousy and rage be allowed in my new world. 

Instead, we will be warriors for positive change, leaving behind a wake of comfort, joy, compassion, peace and prosperity. 


We will be the force to shakeup the establishments of the past and the crusty philosophies of oppression, injustice and fear. 


The time for those ideas has ended. 


A new world is beginning. 

I hope you will choose to join me on this new adventure, and that you look forward, as much as I do, to the possibility of what new reality awaits us. 

I welcome you to this community, and love you endlessly, and will do so for all of eternity. 

May our divine spirits conquer all that seeks to destroy the uniting power of this Universe.

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