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There is an abundance deep within us

There is strength, generosity, tenderness, wisdom, compassion, nurturing and more

We are here… gathering

Gathering knowledge, experience, depth, trust and recognition

Of one another, of ourselves, of all there is to know

We are like small innocent children, fragile, scared, newly awake to this exploratory adventure

And because of this we are so often afraid

So afraid of what’s to come, what has past, what is present, what is near and far

And yet, we continue forward, taking one small, new step, each and every day

Remaining open to whatever awaits

We’re curious – so curious! Like cats, but trepidations and nervous like a turtle that doesn’t want to leave it’s shell

We twitch and squirm and wiggle and wander … until we’re lost

But then we always return

Again to the safety of our warm, cozy boroughs night after night

Until we are renewed, each and every morning

A rising, a greeting, a welcoming once again to the new day

And so on, and so on, and so on…

Until, we are fulfilled, until we are full, until we are content and whole

Truly known to ourselves and to each other

It is then we discover our truest selves, our eternal selves, our timelessness

We are the abundance, we are the strength, we are the knowing of all that is

We are the connected fiber of that which is…

…that is all


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