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Oh, we are lost

We are adrift

We are wayward







In pain

And searching



Hoping and praying

Forgetting to return home

Because we’ve lost the way

We veered away from the breadcrumb path

We wandered


Striving and straining

Pushing and plundering


Somewhere else

Something else

To be...

Someone else

So we forgot how to get back

To return to home base

Our true ease

Our true essence

Our true nature

So we remain adrift


Afraid to ask for help

Afraid to reach out for one another

Afraid to be seen as weak or needy or wanting

Because we must have it all figured out

Or at least we must portray that to the outside world

That we know it all

That we have it all

All figured out

We’re cool as cucumbers

It’s all good

I’m just busy, that’s all

It’s just a crazy time

But soon

One day, it’ll be normal again

Because I’ve got it all figured out

I’m in control

I’ve got the power

I can’t be shaken or rocked or cracked

I’m impenetrable

I’m steady

I’m a rock

But really

I’m just scared

I’m just treading water

I’m adrift

And alone

And afraid

So we medicate

And mediate

And fight and war

We rage and rant

We argue fuss and fight

We torment and abuse

All so we don’t have to stop

To look within ourselves

To ask for answers

It’s all out there, right?

What can heal me?

It’s a pill

A portion

A drug

A pot of money

A lucky star

I’m deserving, right?

I’ve earned all this, right?

The bigger

The better

The most expensive

The most expansive

To fill this void

To fill this fear

So that I can forget I’m lost

I can forget I’m adrift

I can remain afloat

I can remain on my yacht

And stay buoyant

Stay bobbing

Stay upright

Stay in control

Just keep paddling

Just keep swimming

Don’t stop

Don’t drown

Don’t let go

Don’t surrender

Don’t get carried away

Don’t get pulled under

Stay afloat

Stay adrift


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