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Be Your Own Illumination

"Trust the energy that courses through you.

Trust, then take surrender even deeper.

Be the energy.

Don’t push anything away.

Follow each sensation back to its source

In vastness and pure presence.

Emerge so new, so fresh that

You don’t know who you are.

Welcome in the season of

Monsoons. Be the bridge

Across the flooded river

And the surging torrent


Be unafraid of consummate


Be the energy and blaze a trail

across the clear night sky like lightning.

Dare to be your own illumination."

~Danna Faulds

What does “being your own illumination” mean to you?

For Me~

Being my own illumination means

blazing my own trail,

sparking my own path,

lighting my way through darkness, and fear, and resistance.

Being my own illumination means

that I have to make bold moves,

to venture into uncharted territory,

to be brave, to have courage.

But also,

to surrender

and follow the flow,

and guidance of the universe,

because none of us can do this alone.

We must champion one another,

and find strength in our togetherness,

in our tenderness,

in our loving compassion for one another.

This is how we survive,

and thrive, and grow

– together, united, as a collective.

Swimming against the rapids that want to bring us down,

that want to pull us under,

that want us to sink into the muck and the mire and the distastefulness of all the rest.

But, we can rise above this?

Together, we can fight the urge to succumb to our fears,

can’t we?

Together rising, I always loved that idea.

Rising tides lift all ships, isn’t that the saying?

I’d love to be that beacon,

that first lead ship,

to steer us towards a brighter, better future together.

But am I strong enough?

Am I brave enough?

Do I trust in myself enough

to know how to steer through these dark and murky waters?

I feel the fear arise within me

and I swallow hard

trying to keep away the nauseous thoughts and feelings

of unsureness.

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